A Frog in Grandma's Cup - Gift Set

A Frog in Grandma's Cup - Gift Set


Written by Renate A. Moore / Illustrated by Marilee Harrald-Pilz

When Grandma Louise moves from the city to the country, she expects to be surrounded by the peace and beauty of nature. Her world is turned upside down, however, when one morning a frog jumps into her coffee cup. In A Frog in Grandma's Cup, you'll learn that this is only the beginning of Grandma Louise's adventures in her new surroundings! One after the other, an assortment of country creature creep, crawl and slither her way. Not only do they disturb her quiet country life, they also make her wonder if moving there was a good idea after all.

Will Grandma Louise give up her dream of living in the country and head back to the city? Will she that challenges are often opportunities disguised as creepy, crawly, and slithery creatures? In this gentle, humorous story, even grandmas learn to try new things.

Book Set: $24.99
Full-colored picture book with themed Notepad, Pencil, Highlighter, Book Mark, Tote Bag, Plush Frog, Read & Learn Bingo Game. 

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