March - Spring & New Beginnings


Hello & Happy March!

The weather has been cold, warm, rainy and bleak for the past few months. The temperature kept fluctuating from cold to very warm to very cold. I’ve noticed the birds and spring bulbs are just as confused as I am with the up and down temperatures. It’s been hard to keep up with dressing appropriately and for some, our family has had to dig in and stay inside. Well, it’s time to get out and into the sun again now that Spring has sprung. I can’t wait to plant my vegetable & flower gardens, plan some weekend trips to explore new places and spend time enjoying the beauty of new blooms and the sound of birds chirping around my deck in the mornings. I hope you take time out of your busy schedule and break for some new beginnings.

Have a wonderful month!



14lemon pound cake.JPG


spring sweetness

Springtime is full of color and wonderful scents, and it isn’t just the flowers. It’s also the time of year where we start to crave lighter and brighter flavors of seasonal fruits. Make sure your sweet tooth is satisfied with everything from cakes to cookies to tarts. One of my all time favorite is Lemon Pound Cake (pictured). Any of these spring desserts are great for entertaining and sharing with family, friends, and neighbors. For a twist on a classic, bake a Key Lime Pound Cake. Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream Frosting are a fun treat too. For more sweet ideas, be sure to check out my Spring Desserts collection at:

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makeup refresher

The first sign of spring is filled with glorious pastel colors. It’s nature’s renewal and can be yours too! This is a good time to refresh your skincare and liven up your look with corals, magenta, peach and blossom pink hues. One of the things I do to get ready for warmer weather is cleaning out old lip, eye and cheek colors and refresh with trending ones. This can be a fun and productive project. Give it a try!

March FFF-family pix.jpg


fun in the sun

Spring break is a wonderful time to build family camaraderie. There are many great activities you can do with your family as you travel or stay in town. I’ve peeked through the web and found these fun things you can do and make fond memories too.

1. Visit a Beach

The coast is a great place to relax the spirit. Bright sun, crashing waves, and feet in the sand. Your family will have nothing but smiles. Even if the closest beach is in a place that doesn’t get warm until May, being near the water will lift your spirits and give you hope that summer is coming. Whether it is the ocean or a lake, get there.

2. National Parks

Somewhere within driving distance lies a national park that offers fun and exploration. Get out there and show your family the world is more than strip malls and concrete.

3. RV Adventure

RV dealers rent those big rigs for surprisingly reasonable fees. There are special resorts all over the country that cater to big motor homes. Research an itinerary that works for your family and get out on the road!

4. Backyard Fun

Turn your backyard into your very own resort destination. You can play all types of different sports, such as ultimate Frisbee or volleyball. Put down a Slip N’ Slide. Even a sprinkler can keep young kids entertained for hours on end. Think outside the box and come up with your own unique backyard fun.

5. Cook Together

A skill your child should have as an adult is the ability to cook good food. Spend the week with your kids challenging and expanding your abilities. As a family, research and find recipes of food you have never attempted. Try a new one each day. Have your kids involved every step along the way.

6. The Outdoor Project

Spring break is the perfect time to add beauty and function to your home. Take this time to add that long talked about gazebo, fountain, or a garden. Involve everyone with vision and planning. Then get out there and do it.

Now join in and share what would you love to do with your family during spring break?

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