May - Flowers, Mothers & Summer Starters


May has blossomed and it has started out to be quite the month for me. My cookbook “JUST EAT-Pure and Simple Cooking” has been launched! I’ve taken LadyRen’s Bakery & Books to two Farmers Markets and I continue to do all the tasks of keeping my family life functioning, as well as, keeping up with my philanthropy work which led to my being nominated as one of the Women For Animal Welfare recognition with the Humane Society of Charlotte.

I used to think that there isn’t enough hours in my day, yet now I am working longer hours. Phew! it’s a lot, but I am enjoying it all and taking each day as it comes. Despite the heavy work load, I make time to enjoy the blooming flowers that April showers have brought. My life is filled with many ups and downs but isn’t that what life is about? I’ve realized that disappointments and setbacks often leads to marvelous new experiences.

Have a month filled with many celebrations and Happy Mother’s Day wishes to all moms.



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Peach Sangria

Recipe from JUST EAT

We live in an era where life seems complicated with so much to keep up with. Food should not be one of those complications, hence, my reason for writing this cookbook that will inspire, encourage and bring out the kitchen artist in you. My recipes are easy to make, filled with healthy ingredients and tasty dishes. As summer approaches it’s time to open your kitchen to these flavors that will pleasantly surprise your palette and become crowd pleasing too. Try my Peach Tea Sangria that can be prepared with or without alcohol and have a peachy time at your next soiree.

Peachy Sangria

Makes: 8 cups or 2 quarts


4 cups boiling water

4 cups lukewarm water

8 peach tea sachets or enough loose leaf teas for 8

1 orange, sliced

¼ cup each- sliced peaches, strawberries, grapes, apples, raspberries

¼ cup mint leaves

1 bottle sweet wine (Riesling or Moscato) - optional

superfine sugar , simple syrup or honey – as sweeteners


In a large pot add the boiling water and steep tea for 5-6 minutes. (According to package directions).

 Remove tea sachets or strain loose leaves.

 Transfer tea to a pitcher and dilute with 4 cups lukewarm water.

 Chill overnight.

 Next day, add the fruits, mint leaves and pour in the wine.  Sweeten to taste with superfine sugar, simple syrup or honey.

 Chill until cold then serve.

 Note: Drink can be made into a Mocktail by replacing the wine with club soda or non-alcohol apple cider.

 Sangria can be made unsweetened then serve with sweeteners on the side.

To make Simple Syrup -  In a saucepan add 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar or honey. Heat to a boil, stirring until the sugar of honey is completely dissolved. Cool completely. Pour into a dispenser and serve.




Become Chic for summer

Any Occasion Dresses For Women Over 40

If you are in search of a beautiful dress, then I am here to help you. As a child and teenager I never liked wearing pants. Dresses were and still are my favorite thing to wear. I like to have a few of what I call my any occasion dresses. In other words, casual and dressy for women over 40 (like me). How do I know what dresses are ideal for this age? Because I am over 40 and I find myself figuring out what I feel is ideal to wear from casual parties to dressy social events.

One of my summer style is to keep it simple and comfy. A nice wear is a V-neck maxi sleeveless gown and style it with denim blue jacket, thong sandals and cream-brown leather handbag. The outfit is great for street & beach walks, as well as casual dating and dining.

There is one very important aspect and it's comfortability. If you wear an outfit and feel uncomfortable so that you want to take it off as soon as you get home, then the best way is to get rid of this garment. Of course, there is no reason of waiting 40 to start wearing clothes that are comfortable, you can start anytime you want. Before buying any dress, you should choose an appropriate color. All you need to do is to figure out which colors you can wear and what hues to avoid. Keep your dresses design simple, avoid crazy cut-outs and try on something classic. If you are bored of classic look, then the best way is to add bold color accessories.

If you want to try on something versatile and chic be sure to keep it classic.

Have fun shopping and styling your best over 40 look!

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Mother’s Day - Ode to my Mum

Mothers - some drive us crazy, some may drive us away and some can drive us crazy while loving us dearly! My mum, Sheila fits the latter. She’s filled with energy that overwhelms me, but at the same time, she loves me dearly and that’s her way of showing her exuberance of love. It is quite fitting to talk about her this month because of two things - Mother’s Day and my reasons for dedicating my cookbook to her. She has been a constant source of support in my life, always present and ready to help. She is what I call a ‘spitfire’ and I like to think that is one of her greatest qualities because she is a woman of girl power, hence, that’s where I got it from. If you have a mum who “overwhelms” you, take some time and seek out the best qualities she have and why she is the way she is… you might learn something new about her and something you can use in your life journey. I tell my mum all the time… you drive me crazy but I love you and whenever I have to ”confront” her about something I always say “ mum, I’m saying this with a whole lotta love” - words can be hurtful if you don’t know how to convey them. Speak kindly and love well.

Now join in and share what would you love and have learned from your mum!

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